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Your professional guide to home renovation

Like anything in life starting off can be challenging. If I asked you off hand to prepare a speech at a conference in front of a hundred people, you would be lost at sea. And I would probably look like my friend on the top left. Scared? Don’t be. With the help of our easy guidelines and a touch of wit, we aim to walk you through each step of the way. Something is missing though. With tons of building materials available and tools, how do you make up your mind? Simple. Our fluffy creature gets to work finding you the best products on offer.



Have you been procrastinating for too long? Get the family involved start with something manageable.

Re design the kitchen to increase your homes value. Save money by not hiring any labour.

Don’t compromise on quality in the long run. Its worth it!

You get to learn a skill that may come in handy in the near future.

With time you will make connections with people in the similar field. Namely suppliers builders and even government officials.

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Insight into home DIY projects with expert tips and the latest product reviews. Contains Paid Links.

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